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ALLISON CURTIS is a 28 year old artist and oriental chicken keeper who has resided in Humboldt County, California for most of her life.  She lives with her husband, three mutts, a flock of chickens and she works as a full time artist.  Thank you for all of the love & support over the years. 

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Birds is an alter ego, or extension of myself.  Birds is RAW - no fear, bliss in discovering the unknown, being in the moment, love for my work.  Birds is part raven, lives with wolves, sacred mornings, sacred night, loves to play with sound, paint, and surroundings.  BIRDS is an experiment of the mind - What am I capable of?  It keeps getting more interesting, the longer I keep at it.  BIRDS is a translator of visual language - input through the eyes travels through the mind and then back out through the fingertips.   BIRDS is a meditation - I get lost in my work, losing any sense of time, working without clocks or windows, and what I am working on becomes all that there is, the ego is just hanging on by a thread.